Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the hottest trend on the Internet today. If you have not heard of Facebook, Twitter or YouTube then you probably do not live on planet Earth! Social networking websites are a place where friends, family and colleagues can congregate and share important news, information, photos, videos and much more. Social Networking online has forever changed the way the people communicate on the Internet and because of this has opened more opportunities for business owners to capitalize and use a service such as SMM to their advantage.

At TRG we have the capability of setting up a business profile on any of these popular social networking sites (facebook, twitter, etc) and building your online community of faithful customers. We do this by posting daily news, updates and special announcements to your company profile page and then fully engaging with the customers on your behalf. This is a great way to build brand loyalty, trust, website traffic and ultimately increase sales.

Social Media Marketing is not only about posting to social networking website. In addition to this we will write off-site blogs, articles, and even press releases every week. These are all off-site meaning that they exist and are published on hundreds of websites other than your own. This is done in an effort to build targeted website traffic as well as links putting back to your site (links help with rankings).

Some of the off-site marketing included in our SMM packages:

Article Writing & Distribution
Press Release Writing & Distribution
Social Link Building (SLB)
Video Optimization & Distribution
Local Business Map Promotion
Facebook Account Management
Twitter Account Management