Search Engine Optimization

How SEO Works

Search Engines are the number one source of traffic to your website with more than 85% of web users employing search engines to find web sites. Around 90% of them don’t go beyond 3 pages of the search results, with majority of them visiting websites listed on the first page. If your website is not listed in the top 10 for major search engines, you are losing traffic to your competition every moment.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is something that is a buzzword on the Internet lately that everyone is trying to get on board with. The problem that many people do not realize is the importance of coding when it comes to SEO and website optimization.
I like analogies, and the analogy here is that if you are building a house, and the structure and foundation are not sound then everything else you do in that space will be affected by the bad fundamentals.

Coding and SEO

Your coding on your site should in fact maximize everything else on your site and all the other aspects or changes you make to your site. In addition, the way you code, can and does impact how the search engines see your site, and if you have poor coding, you might not be seen at all. Therefore, because coding is so important, that is the first thing we look at when analyzing your site.

One of the main coding problems is not paying attention to the Title tag, it is vital that is short and to the point, in addition, all of your pages should not have the same Title tag, but change up the keywords in your title from page to page. While on the subject, your META tags also need to be updated in order to have your site truly optimized.
Next the names of your pages also matter to the search engines. If your site is for selling organic dog treats then your file names should make sense. is much different than

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is actually Internet marketing that is promoting your website by increasing its visibility. SEM and SEO are linked because Search engine Optimization is the basis for a good marketing plan. SEM works by positioning a website through the search engines. There are a number of methods we use to ensure your site is indexed and marketed correctly.

A search engine marketing plan can also PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads, again the basis of your site (the code) is still relevant. When employing a SEM strategy we pursue many avenues for getting your site traffic. When your site is visible via the work of SEO coding, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing, you will steadily see an increase in traffic and you will also see your site moving up the page rankings.