Pay Per Click

PPC are the sponsored listings you will find on the right-hand side of the search engines that appear as text ads. These ads will even show up on the left-hand side just above the natural rankings called 'sponsored links'.

This form of paid advertising is very effective because your website can have prominent search engine placement within hours! If you are in a hurry to get to page one of the major engines so that you can begin receiving website traffic today then PPC may be the right solution for you. With PPC you can geo-target your ads, set a maximum daily budget, times to show your ads and even bid on how much each 'click' will cost you. This is why it is called "Pay Per Click" because every time a person clicks your ad, you are charged a fee of pennies to dollars.

The only downside of PPC is that it only 20% of all Internet users click these paid ads. The other 80% are clicking the natural listings. But SEO can take months to push a website to the top so if you are in need of quick results then PPC is definitely the way to go. Your phone can literally be ringing in a matter of hours by implementing a solid PPC strategy.