Google makes changes to fight cheaters

Google late last week made a major change to the way that its search algorithm works. While Google claims to make daily updates to their ranking algorithm this change affects a reported 11.8% of their searches. The update was made to combat link farms, scraper sites and other sites who scheme to game the Google system. I’m fairly familiar with these schemes and will give you an idea of how they are accomplished in this post. Oh yeah and here is the link to the Google announcement

For the last 5 years or so there has been a surge in sites that use various methods to cheat Google. This type of thing is an arms race and I used to work for a company that employed some of these methods. They were always concerned with being one step ahead of Google. If Google made a change, they would make a change.

First let me remind everyone that the major way that Google ranks a site is through the number of links that refer back to a site. So that link above about the “Google Announcement” gave that announcement page a little bit of page rank points. The amount of points that a page gets is weighted by that site’s own page rank so having a site like which has a high page rank will give you a lot more Google points than a page of low quality like

The way that the scheme works is to create a web of sites with content on them spread across the internet. In fact companies go to great lengths to make sure that their web of content is spread across multiple servers across multiple geographic locations. They fill these sites with content written by on staff content generators, by scraping it and plagiarizing the content, or by getting articles written for them through crowd sourcing. They then are able to use this web of sites to promote other sites to the top of Google.

I’ve checked our client sites and there have been some variations in the rank of some of these sites and mostly positive. It just goes to prove that we have the right strategy for promoting sites on Google. As I’ve said in a previous post its about offering something of value to your visitors. You can use tricks to temporarily get ranked in Google but in the end people are going to come to your site and purchase your product if you offer something of value. People search and click on sites which they think will provide a solution for their problem. Google strives to put those types of sites at the top of their results. When a searcher does one search and gets their answer they will return.

So here is the (literally) million dollar question: “My company offers value, my company offers a great product which fills a need. How do I get ranked on Google?” Contact us and we can give you real honest answers about what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong and how we can help.